A platform for intellectual consciousness at the outset, let us introduce you International Brahmin Parliament is the representative organization dedicated for the cause of World Brahminism. Its membership is fast increasing covering USA, UK, Holland, Austria, Australia and Thailand besides the state of India. Its units are working actually for the benefit of Brahminism. 2000 celebrated as year of Brahmins. A concentrated drive will be launched to enlist all Brahmins of the World as member of International Brahmin Parliament.

It should be made clear that we have no dispute or confrontation with any organization or group of human society. We primarily believe that Brahmins are known by birth and as well by their actions. Therefore all those men and women who have attended the age of sixteen adhere to the  principles Brahmnos- “SHAUCH” (purity), “SADACHAR” (ethical), TYAG (sacrifice), and

SPIRITUAL ADHARENESS may be enrolled member of even he is not Brahmin by birth.

Human history replete with instances that Brahmin have never been self-centered narrow-minded. He has always stood for highest human values. International brotherhood and has been never ready to sacrifice his everything for the good of humanity his only wish to see human race happy and prosperous.

Today, Brahmin and Brahminism are ignored from all side by pity minded people, they, in their ignorance, even forget that they are abusing and harassing none other than themselves. Brahmin is not uncivilized or corrupt; he has only Ashirwad, well wishes and blessing to others. But time demands that all this should be proved by Brahmins, and that he is not worried by his own insulting environment byt by declining cultural values and human life.

It is high time when all Brahminism of the world should be united if humanity is to saved and new order acted based on highest human values. For this, Brahmins will have to be organized.  We must enroll member from all sections of Brahmins, including pujaris, International Brahmin  Parliament unites must be setup at every level-village, cities, districts and states Study Circles  adult education, medical relief may be provided along with celebrating cultural festivals and  great Rishies birthday. The rise and fall of a nation is closely associated with its culture and human values.

We would urge upon each and every Brahmin to rise above self-interest and prove equal to the challenger of time by enrolling all Brahmin whether by birth or actions and strong them Brahmin International Movement throughout the world. International Brahmin Parliament (IBP) is one of globally pioneering intellectual platform that keeps the very spirit of Brahmin into thoughts, mind and actions through uniting Brahmin across the world. IBP works to support universal Brahmin consciousness is promoting ancient and methodological heritage.

IBP stretches its social cultural and educational activities to inspire youth generation of Brahmin.  In the fastest growing world of thoughtless motivational and carnal perfection, people in general are getting lost the very essence of people and universal brotherhood. There is great news of Intellectual Consciousness to address of all motivational advice to live meaningful information.

IBP plays Vitol role in unifying intellectual minds across the world and serve the humanities contribution. International Brahmin Parliament invites all those Brahmin providing trans-content of sphere and devote to promote spirited with ultimate dedication.