National Excellence Awards will benefit in multiple ways. Alma being an organization that is nationally and internationally regarded, awards granted through National Excellence Awards will be of immense value.

In addition the winners will benefit in the following manner:

The organizers will promote the National Excellence Awards and winning entries through PR for publications in national and international media

Winners will be featured on the our Portal.

Winners will be awarded a certificate and a trophy and will be encouraged to use this prestigious award in their marketing material.

ALMA is one of the globally well-known organizations that work in socio-economic development of people across the world. Owing to its philanthropic nature, ALMA promotes the cause of education, health, protection of environment, computer education, information technology, human rights, sustainable development through self-employment and youth motivation. By the name of ALMA and its very nature, ALMA springs its various sense involving benign helping, national learning and philanthropic philosophy in promotion of social welfare and socio-economic development for people.

ALMA has established in 1999 with pursuing objective of encouraging education among rural and urban youth with providing job-oriented courses in minimum fee. Apart from this, ALMA has also started autonomous vocational training courses to motivate youth across the nation and the other countries as well.


Simply put, our vision is to promote sustainable decision-making and policies in every sector of the economy around the world, in order to safeguard our environment, support workers and communities, and raise the standard of living for all.


To achieve this vision, we have established programs and services designed to:

Recognize the outstanding achievements of companies, institutions and organizations who are meeting the highest levels of performance in environmental protection, social responsibility, product safety and quality; and

Stimulate continuous improvement on the path toward sustainability. In this  dertaking, we employ a life-cycle framework, state-of-the-art science, proven analytical methods and  performance metrics and professional expertise.


To accomplish our mission, our programs and services are oriented toward:

Promoting management system certification, product certification, inspection, validation and verification in accordance with the applicable certification standards;

Assisting companies and industries implement systems and practices that minimize impacts on human health and the environment;

Delivering world-class assessment and certification services. Continually monitoring scientific developments, market dynamics & regulatory requirements continually improving NEA services to meet multi-stakeholder objectives.